Tagging Help

Why is tagging important?

In order for our organization to properly catalogue all of the many resources that we are in possession of, we require all findings to be properly marked using the Threat Analysis Guideline System, or TAGS for short. Each tag can be used to quickly and effectively mark what one might expect upon encountering an artifact, while also allowing quick access to similar artifacts for cross-referencing.

The following are a list of tags currently used by GEAR:


The Meta tag is used to mark articles which have to do with the administration of the site, such as rules, or guides.

Highest Priority

Any artifacts in this category are of utmost importance to our organization, due to high risk or value of some sort. Use of this tab requires permission from Site Administration.

Mandatory Reading

Any pages with this category are mandatory reading for new employees of GEAR. These pages include Site-Wide guidelines, and Artifacts which are some of the best on the site, in order to allow a user to get a feel for the tone. Use of this tag requires permission from a Site Administrator.


Any artifact in this category is of a mechanical nature, be it through metal gears, or a hinged box. Please note that while a robot would be mechanical, a circuit board would not, as it has no moving parts.


Anomalies which influence a person's sight, or directly effect light are to be tagged with the 'visual' tag.

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