Image Guide

So… you want to use images in your work, do you? Well this guide will explain how to do it, and the rules that go along with using images.

How to import images

The short story: Put this code just above your item number, or wherever else you may want to put an image.

[[include :snippets:image image=IMAGE URL|caption=CAPTION|float=right]]

(replace "IMAGE URL" with the link to your online image. The "float=right" determines which side of the screen the image will appear. You can change that to "float=left" if you'd like the image to appear on the left, but this is discourages for most uses.

The long story: Go here for a guide to use the css code with images.

Rules for image use

1. No extremely nasty shit, including child pornography, real human gore, and anything else illegal. This will result in an immediate ban, and a possible report to law enforcement

2. No copyrighted stuff. It is preferred to use images that are in public domain or under the same license as GEAR, but it absolutely not allowed to use strictly copyrighted images. Do not try removing watermarks to use images. Those watermarks are there for a reason. There will be a three strike warning for breaking this rule: the first strike will result a warning. The second strike will be a temporary ban. A third strike will result in a permanent ban. If, somehow, you incur a fourth strike, you will instantly die.

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